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LG G2 D802 Mic Problem Way Jumper Solution

LG G2 D802 Mic Not Working Problem Jumper Solution Ways LG D802 Mic Ways Jumper Problem Repair Solution   LG G2 D802 Microphone problem solution Usually the damage to the  LG D802 mic not working due to damage on the mic, you only need to replace with a good mic, and everything is resolved.  … Read More »

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LG Flashing/Upgrading/Debranding Tutorial

LG has both GSM and CDMA phones. Here I’ll discuss on how to Flash/Software Update/Debrand LG GSM phones. Flashing depends on Platform rather than Model, so you may notice one model uses one flasher but the next model uses another. Different models which are from same platform use same flasher. LG has several platforms like… Read More »

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